Complaint handling

Complaint handling

Of course we hope that you are satisfied with us. If this is not the case, we would like to ask you to pass on your complaint to the customer contact department. This is possible (preferably) by e-mail or via regular mail and / or by telephone.

Our employees in the customer contact department will review the complaint and try to resolve the complaint to everyone’s satisfaction.

Our data:

Postal address: Cuore Leder, Zutphensestraatweg 4, 6955 AH, Ellecom
Telephone number: 0313 – 842747

After receiving your complaint you will receive a confirmation from us. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt. If it needs more time, we will inform you accordingly.

“We recommend that you first make your complaints known to us by sending an email to If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to submit your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur. From 15 February 2016 It is also possible for EU consumers to report complaints through the European Commission’s ODR platform, which can be found at pending, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform. “

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Complaint handling